Wednesday, 5 December 2012


I got up this morning and it was like any other morning. I had my shower and was then greeted with a winter wonderland.

I got really excited and had a big smile pasted on my face until it took me 45 minutes to navigate the 15 minute journey to work. You would have thought that so little snow would have no impact on the morning commute but how wrong you would be. Oh well, at least I enjoyed the first 5 minutes of the snow. Of course, it was all gone by mid morning but maybe it's a taste of things still to come (the snow rather than the longer than normal commute). Here's hoping. Anyway, the festive season is truly starting tonight as I'm at my dd's Christmas musical extravaganza. Hope you've got some fun things planned.

Just returned from the concert and it was amazing. So much talent amongst all the students. I was in awe.

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