Friday 28 June 2013

Deep Filled Apple Pie

My dh and ds returned from a trip to the Lake District last week. They had a wonderful week camping, walking and eating. One of the places they found sold a wonderful apple pie (so they told me) and it was aptly named The Apple Pie. Hearing them talk about this apple pie fresh from the oven, it made me want to make my own. My mum used to make a rectangular apple pie that we used to slice up into squares and that's what I based mine on. I peeled and cubed 5 bramley apples, put them in a saucepan with 2 tablespoons of water and a sprinkling of caster sugar. I popped the lid on, placed the saucepan over a medium heat and let the apples cook down. Bramley apples can be quite sour so make sure you taste the apples to see if you need to add any extra sugar.

I left the apples to cool and made the pastry. I measured out 225g of self raising flour, rubbed in 110g marg and a handful of sugar. I then added a beaten egg and enough water to make a dough. I should have left the pastry to rest at this point but I didn't have time so I divided it into two and rolled out the bottom, lined the baking tin, filled it with apples and added the lid. I had some pastry left over so I made some hearts to put on the top. I put some water on them so they stuck. I then baked in an oven preheated to 180 degrees centigrade for about half an hour.

Here's the finished pie sprinkled with caster sugar and here's a slice ready to be eaten (and still warm from the oven) - yummy.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks at work (two proms as it's that time of year, preparing for a changing role and keeping up to date with my day job including preparing students for their GCSEs and A levels) and busy at home (ds's prom and dd's exams) which has left me feeling completely exhausted (hence the lack of sewing posts). This apple pie has kept us going all week - it's great as a pick me up at the end of a busy day. A slice popped into the microwave for 40 seconds has helped to keep my spirits up. I hope you all have a lovely weekend spending time with the ones you love. Me, I'll be catching up on my sleep.

I've just joined in with Handmade Monday - there are some lovely blogs that you can visit.

Handmade Harbour


  1. Beautiful apple pie! Looks delicious and I love the pretty hearts on top. Thanks for sharing your recipe (saw you on Say Not Sweet Anne's "Sweet Sharing Monday").

  2. looks amazing! thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

  3. I love nibbling on apple pie for days afterward too. I think of all desserts, it is one of my favorite "feel good" treats (ok, it's comfort food). Your great big deep dish does look delicious. Hope a new month has given you time to refresh, recoup, and maybe even sew a little.