Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Birthday Cake

So, this is the end result of my birthday cake making escapades. It's not the best picture but I can promise you that it is a dinosaur and was very well received. The cake itself was 'better than the vegan cake' according to my ds and dd and it went really well with the butter icing. I think they mean that the cake has a heavier consistency as the vegan cake is lighter.

We had an amusing moment on Sunday when I was making the icing and completely misread the recipe adding way to much icing sugar. However, with a bit of trial and error, I managed to get the consistency just right. It's amazing how I could get this shape out of a 22cm round cake. I found a wrapped truffle in our chocolate box so used it for the eye (unwrapped of course). I'm very pleased with the result and my ds was too.

We had a lovely day on Sunday baking and creating. I've been working on some new felt creations which I will show you when they're finished. We had a present opening session on Sunday and this was the end result.

It always amazes me that cats will sit anywhere (and sleep anywhere too). Doesn't she look cute.

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