Saturday, 15 December 2012

Relaxing Day

After a very hectic week, it's lovely to have a day without many plans. While the kids are at judo, I've spent the morning pottering around the kitchen. Whilst there had been some tidying up, I've also been doing a bit of making. I was given some new silicone moulds for my Chanukah presents. One is a spoon mould from Lakeland and the other is a gingerbread man mould from a new pound shop I found in Watford. I melted some milk chocolate and filled the spoon mould. The plan is to use them to stir hot chocolate - yum. I then mixed the remainder of the melted chocolate with a dried fruit and nut mix and filled some of the gingerbread man mould. Two bars of value milk chocolate at 30p each made this amount quite a lot. When I stop having trouble with my pictures, I'll post what I made.

I've also made some pizza dough for tonight. Mix 600g strong plain flour with a 7g sachet of yeast and 1tsp of salt. Add 4tbsp of olive oil and three quarters of a pint of warm water. I make it in a mixer but it can be done by hand, it will just take a bit longer. Mix the dough until it is springy to the touch. Pt in a bowl, cover with a tea towel and leave to double in size. I'll make the tomato sauce later when I get the toppings ready - roasted aubergines, mushrooms, and mozzarella. I use the value mozzarella from Sainsburys (don't get the value one from Asda as it doesn't taste very nice).

We had the family over tonight for the last night of Chanukah so I made some donuts that don't have to be deep fried. Not quite like the jammy ones from the supermarket but they still taste good.

Hopefully, the picture problem will resolve itself tomorrow and I'll be able to show you what I made. Have a lovely evening.

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