Sunday, 16 December 2012

Photos part two

For some reason, blogger just went funny and wouldn't let me finish the previous post. I'm not having much luck this weekend. So here is the rest of the post. If you saw the dolls on the previous post you would know that they were ready to go to their me home. The present opening commenced after we had lit the candles.

As the weather had turned milder we were able to light them in the window so all passers by could see them (also so my youngest nephew couldn't reach them!). It was a lovely sight especially as we had four chanukiahs to lights. My nieces opened their dolls and fell in love with them. On he way home, my nephew turned to my brother and asked for a boy doll for so a birthday. I think that might be the higher form of flattery. I'll have to start thinking about what I will dress him in and how I will model his hair. Ooh, something different to get my creative juices running. I can't wait. I hope you all had a lovely evening las night - I certainly did. It was topped off by Back to the Future II, a little bit of strictly and a lot of Merlin whilst eating homemade pizzas with the family. I'm not sure it can get better than that (maybe if Watford had won rather than drawn that would have bee the icing on the cake).

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