Saturday, 19 January 2013

Wintry Walk

I made slodge and fresh bread for lunch. Of course the children refused to eat the slodge (I imagine because it has vegetables in and according to them you can have too many vegetables, especially as a vegetarian!) so they just had the bread. The good news is that there's plenty left over for lunches next week to keep away the wintry chill. I'm really pleased with the bread recipe I've been using. I've made it three times now and it's turned out perfect every time. So perfect that it doesn't last much longer than one meal. The plans for tomorrow morning is to make some more bread dough so it'll be ready for lunch.

We managed to get the whole family out for a short walk this afternoon which I can tell you was a minor miracle. It looked beautiful outside...

We walked in the fresh snow, threw snowballs (and dodged them) and generally had fun. I made a new batch of ladybirds when I got back, this time in pink and purple. Here they are part way through

and here they are finished.

I'm really pleased with the way they've turned out. They were my excuse for sitting under the blanket before and after the walk and watching reruns of Miss Marple. So, marking done, fresh bread cooked, walk with my family and a bit of sewing done. The day can't really get any better. Hope you had a lovely day.

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