Friday, 4 January 2013

A Box of Ladybirds

It was my last day off work today (I'm back on Monday) so it was my last opportunity for a lie in and I did it in style - I read my book until midday! How decadent is that? I've still got enough of it left to read tonight. My MIL lent me the book - The Kashmir Shawl by Rosie Thomas - which I can recommend as a lovely light read. I've also finished the House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz which was very true to the originals.

But what about the crafting I hear you all cry. Never fear, I finished my ladybirds today and they look really cute. I also stocked up on food for next week and I'm planning a stock take tomorrow so I can plan the meals for next week. I always start the new year in this style and it never lasts but maybe this year will be different and I won't get home from work, too tired to be bothered to think about what to cook. If I've done the planning, I won't need to engage my brain very much. Watch this space.

Here is a box of ladybirds. They are all scented with lavender which was harvested from my parents garden. The harvesting was so successful that I think it will become an annual thing. I love to use things that would otherwise go to waste. I always save glass jars which I can then fill - with jam, marmalade, fudge, lavender, the list goes on. This year will be one of reduce, reuse and recycle, even more so than last year. I can feel that this year will be one full of possibilities. Thank you for joining me on me journey so far and I look forward to travelling even further on it. I know there will be moments when all I want to do is crawl onto the sofa and sleep forever (that happens quite regularly during the week which is why I rarely post anything during a working week) but I'm looking forward to trying out lots of new crafts.

Here's to a crafty new year.

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