Saturday, 26 January 2013

Eating well and cheaply

We've really been trying to spend less money this month. I've been reading a number of frugal blogs for inspiration including Frugal Queen and A Girl Called Jack. While I don't agree with everything that is written I do like to use some of their advice. My favourite supermarkets in the UK are sainsburys and Waitrose (not the cheapest I know). We use sainsburys for our weekly shop and Waitrose when we fancy a bit more of a treat. Wednesday was a day like that. It's been a bit of a weird week here with the snow and low temperatures. We've been in own clothes all week at work due to the icy site and the day has been finishing earlier. It will seem odd next week when we're back in work clothes and leaving at normal time (with at least three evening meetings). So, I was feeling in need of a treat by the middle of the week and Waitrose is sort of my way home. The exciting part of the shopping trip were the number of reduced items I managed to find. A big bowl of salad for 45p (it was enough for three different meals), half price avocados, cheap Quorn sausages and reduced sliced white bread, perfect for cheese toasties. You can guess that meals have been quite similar the last couple of nights (cheese and mushroom toasties with copious amounts of salad) but totally delicious and I haven't spent a fortune. I am finding that a lot if products in Waitrose are now much more reasonably priced. I think this way of thinking is going to increasingly become the norm in families especially as it was reported in the news yesterday that it's looking like the UK may be heading back into recession or as the radio presenters said, doing the Hokey Cokey (in/out). I guess it's time to spend less and think about our purchases a little more. I also find this website useful when deciding where to spend Money Saving Expert. It has helped me save money over the years.

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