Thursday, 23 May 2013

Theatre trips

I don't go to the theatre very often. I tend to look out for bargain prices through sites such as and sometimes things come along that you just can't miss. On Tuesday I received an email from a friend offering free tickets at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking for Bohemian Rhapsody for Wednesday night. Now, I don't normally go out on a school night as I feel like a wreck the following day (and no, that's not my age speaking as it's always been the same) but I felt that I couldn't really pass up this opportunity. And this is what we went to see....

Wonderful singing, totally tacky dancing and overall a rip roaring night out. There was even a standing ovation at the end. And then, I received another email today - free tickets for Soul Sister, the story of Ike and Tina Turner - for next week. It's like buses, none come along and then two at once. So we're off to the theatre again next week to see this....

Next week is half term so this is just perfect. We'll even be taking my mum and dad too and all for free.

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