Sunday, 5 May 2013


As well as the day job and my crafting hobby, I'm also a football supporter. Watford is my team from childhood and yesterday was the make or break game. If we had won and Hull had drawn or lost, we would have gone up to the premiership. After our goalie was injured during the warm up, our second goalie suffered a broken cheekbone and our star striker was sent off you can guess what the outcome was - we lost. I wasn't able to go yesterday as I was on pick up duty so I spent every five minutes checking the score. It was definitely a time of highs and lows. After the final result, I thought I'd make something nice. I'd had some ideas in my head for a while and today they have come to fruition. In between tidying the house and hanging the washing up, I have had my first attempt at appliqué

and I've made a box bottom for a bag. I love the Internet - I trawled through my crafting books for the technique but ended up using this tutorial to tach me this new technique. I've just finished the first bag with beach huts and I am so proud of this achievement. I don't normally pat myself on the back but I had a big smile on my face throughout this project (except when I was having to turn the handles the right way round which was so time consuming). Here is the finished bag.

Who would have thought that the spotty material I've had for a while would make such lovely beach huts. I'd love to hear what you've been making.

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