Friday, 24 May 2013

More sharing

I love to see what other people have been creating around the world. This week has just been about work and sleep (except for my trip out to the theatre with DH on Wednesday which was an unexpected treat) but I've taken the opportunity to join a link party and one here to share some of my creative ideas from previous weeks. Feel free to have a look around and comment on the other posts.

I'm hoping that a holiday will encourage my creative juices to start flowing again and I'm looking forward to a week of jewellery designing, bag making, appliqué and baking. It's obviously starting to rub off on the rest of my family as my DD got I from school yesterday, donned her apron and started making fairy cakes of her day's birthday. I was so impressed. She even did all the washing up. Here are the plain version.

She then started making the glacé icing and learned a valuable lesson - you don't add the water first. We ended up using nearly half a packet of icing sugar to get the icing thick enough to use on the top of the cakes but we did find out that you can freeze unused icing. I've always said that life is a constant learning experience.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and I look forward to sharing all my makes with you next week.

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