Sunday, 26 May 2013

I Love Brighton

Brighton is ne of my favourite seaside resorts in the UK. I love its inclusiveness, I love the shops, I love the sea and I love the restaurants. Today we spent the day in Brighton. We parked along the promenade and walked in. The sea looked beautiful. The sun was glinting off the water, the beach was thronged with people and everyone was just happy to see the sun. We spent some time in the shops, collected pebble memories from the beach (my DS found a stone with quartz in it so it was glistening in the sun) and went to my favourite vegetarian restaurant - terre a terre. The food here is amazing and it's one of the reasons we drive down to Brighton. My DH first took me to this restaurant for my 40th birthday and we've been there a number of times since. I can highly recommend the Better Batter with Yemony Relish. It's the vegetarian take on fish and chips and it's delicious. This is definitely a restaurant for a special occasion - this time for our anniversary. As well as the wonderful food (even for carnivores), the waiting staff are great and they attend to your every need. Here are some of the views we saw today and our dessert (which we shared between the three of us). I hope you get the opportunity to visit.

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