Thursday, 8 November 2012

New make

I have felt exhausted all week and a bit under the weather. I've no idea what it is but to cheer myself up I decided to do a hit of crafting this evening. It isn't my new design but it's the next best thing. I normally add some lavender to my makes for a lovely smell but seeing as we're moving into the holiday season I wondered if cloves would work. I found some lurking at the back of my spices collection so I decided to give it a go. This is the end result.

Gingerbread men

I think they would look lovely hanging on a Christmas tree (or maybe a Chanukah bush). Not only are they cheerful but they smell nice too. I made them while watching an episode of Murder She Wrote (it amazes me that there are still episodes of this series that I haven't watched) and the second episode of the Young Apprentice. Tonight they had to design cookery books and some of the concepts were completely bonkers. I also can't believe that one of their teams didn't proof read their copy spelling potato incorrectly. As my dd said, why didn't they just use a dictionary! What have you been  to this evening? Any crafting it there? I'd love to here from you.

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