Monday, 8 April 2013

Tidy up, brooches and Foyles War

So, my dd and I decided to spend the day sorting out my crafting room (which is really an extra TV room downstairs which I have taken over with all my fabric, felt, buttons and ribbons) and her bedroom. As a result of all the sorting and rearranging, I've realised that I have much more ribbon than I thought (mostly my favourite grosgrain ribbons) which is always a nice thing. I won't have to go shopping for quite a while (note to self to read this blog entry the next time a fancy taking a trip to any craft shops).  In between, I found some time to make some flower corsages (or brooches) which I'm hoping will look nice on my jackets for work. Here is a selection of them. Some are flat with a combination of colours. Others are ruffled and made from the scraps left over when I made the reversible bags.

I've now packed away the sewing machines and cleared up the table in the lounge as a girl can only make so much. It really is time to start selling. Tomorrow I'm planning on spending time cooking (maybe curry from the Prashad cookbook) and baking. As the weather is due to make a turn for the worst tomorrow I'm looking forward to a cosy day in the kitchen with nothing to distract me except hungry kids. With the extra rain forecast, maybe they can stop talking about a summer drought.

I'm now going to watch Foyles War on ITV player. I've really enjoyed the first two episodes so I'm really looking forward to this one. I know I'm really lucky to have the holiday time that I do so I can spend it pottering about the house, although this morning was spent marking. Here's to the rest of the holiday week.

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