Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Reversible Bag

So, this is what I've been making all day - a reversible bag made from my grandparents material. It has been a long day of sewing, unpicking, sewing again, unpicking again because I still got it wrong and then sewing it in the right way. Here it is...

This is with the plain fabric and then this is with the stripy fabric...

I based it on the pattern from Very Purple Person I didn't print out the pattern so just drew it freehand. As a result, the handles are a bit short. Never mind, I'll have another go tomorrow and this time I'm hoping they're will be less unpicking.

I even managed to have a family and friends walk this afternoon. It was so cold and the wind made it even colder. I can't believe that it's April and this time last year we were experiencing a heat wave. Instead, I'm dealing with rising heating bills as we still need the central heating on. I have turned the thermostat down by a degree as the most recent bill was astronomic. I'm not sure that it will make much difference but at least it might save a few pennies.

Update - I've also added a flower corsage to the bag. Role on tomorrow for more crafting (now that my dh fixed my sewing machine - I was in the middle of sewing the bag when a screw just popped off. All sorted now).

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