Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother's Day

The whole family was away this weekend which doesn't really work for being treated on Mother's Day but I had a lovely weekend anyway. It started with sales of my Leah Makes products - I was so pleased that other people liked them as much as I do. I then went on to see the school production of Little Shop of Horros which was awesome - we have so many talented students and it wouldn't surprise me if I see some of them on the west end stage in the future. Today was spent crafting and cooking. I made some replacement large hearts as I sold four of them yesterday.

In between crafting and making flapjack, I made two curries using the Prashad cookbook.

The first curry was vegetable handi (tomato and chunky vegetable curry) which has just the right amount of spice in it.

And the second curry was based on the mattar paneer (sweet and spicy cheese and peas) recipe.

The boys are back now so I'm looking forward to an evening of curry eating. Yum.

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