Saturday, 27 October 2012

Start of the holidays

Today is the first day of half term. I have lots of plans to spend the time with my family with a bit of making and creating on the side. I've had some new ideas for a craft project that may or may not involve these..

I spent a bit of time this morning in hobbycraft looking for washi tape. I've seen various projects involving this tape from Japan and I wanted to see the different designs available. Unfortunately there wasn't a lot of choice so I think I'll have a look on the Internet instead. I'm planning to cover the clothes pegs with tape or material so they look a bit prettier rather than just being functional.

I'm going to spend their rest of the day pottering around the kitchen. I'm hoping to get the family out for an afternoon walk as it's looking beautiful outside. I've got a soup on the go on the hob. I had some carrots that really needed using up so I made our traditional weekend fare. Just chop a couple of onions (one onion if it's a big one) and soften in some olive oil. Add some sliced carrots.

Slice them quite thickly otherwise they will dissolve into mush. Fry until slightly softened then add vegetable stock. I make up a litre of stock with 4 tsps of bouillon powder then add to the soup. I top up with another half litre of water. Bring to the boil and simmer until the carrots are nearly soft. Add some little pasta of choice and some frozen peas. Sorry these aren't exact amounts but it changes every time I make it. The thing about this soup is the pasta soaks up a lot of the liquid Blythe next day so in our family we call this sludge instead of soup. It doesn't sound particularly appetising but it tastes delicious and is perfect for an autumnal day.

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