Saturday, 13 October 2012

Farmers Market

We have a local farmers market which takes place on the village green once a month. It's a lovely market where you can buy lots of local ingredients. If you're concerned about food miles then farmers markets are the place to go. I always buy my eggs from the local market. I never pay more than £6 for 30 eggs which then keeps me going for a month of baking.  I really like it when I know the provenance of the things that I buy. The plan this morning is to buy some apples from the local RHS garden to make an apple pie. The choice is wonderful as they grow many heritage varieties which you never see in the shops anymore and they have a lovely flavour. I'll also be on the look out for my monthly eggs as I'm planning a morning of baking before an afternoon with friends and family. The real question is should I make a batch of brownies too. Of course the answer is yes. I'll post the recipe and pictures after I've finished so you can have a golf you have the time. It's the best brownie recipe I've come across from the Little Red Barn Baking Book by Adriana Rabinovich. I saw the author demonstrating her baking skills at a food show many years ago and bought her book (full price which I have never done before but I was inspired). Right, time to get up and start the day. See you later.

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