Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Change of plan

You know when you've spent ages planning a day and then it doesn't go to plan. Well, that was my day yesterday. The plan was to accompany my ds up to central London for a commitment he had up there. I was planning to meet a friend for a bit of shopping and then we were going for champagne afternoon tea at the Ambassador Bloomsbury hotel near Euston station. It was a two for one offer which I found on the afternoon tea website. I've found quite a few good deals on here in the past so I was really looking forward to this.

Yesterday morning I received a text from my brother saying that my youngest nephew was in hospital with suspected meningitis and could I look after the other children so he could go to the hospital. Well, of course I changed all my plans. Grandma took ds up to London, my friend spent the day sorting out her airing cupboard and decluttering (not as exciting as afternoon tea but needed doing) and I spent the morning with my gorgeous nieces and nephew. Luckily, it wasn't meningitis and after being pumped full of antibiotics and a stay in hospital for observation, my nephew was allowed to come home. We spent the morning making get well cards and presents for him and there was a great presentation ceremony when he got home. I felt truly blessed that I was able to step in and help out and that my youngest nephew was on the mend. Thank you to the doctors and nurses of the NHS for looking after him and for my sister in law ignoring the initial advice from the evening doctor service to just go back to sleep.

As it happened, ds finished at 2pm and was on his way home so the timing of the afternoon tea wouldn't have worked anyway. So, all in all, everything worked out well. I now just need to rebook a slot for afternoon tea. This may take some time as when else will our children all be off doing different things. Whilst I was over looking after my nieces and nephew, they showed me something new they had been given from Greenwich market. I'm going to use this as inspiration for my next make. What do you think? I'm also planning to make some snake draught excluders like the ones my granny used to make (thanks mum and dad for the idea) but I'm still not sure what to fill them with. Do you have ideas?

How cute
We're all looking forward to a lazy day today and then trick or teat for Halloween tonight. I've bought enough sweets and chocolates to last the evening of little (and some bigger) visitors tonight and I'm really looking forward to lighting my pumpkins. Now I just need to find the tealights. I hope you all have a lovely day.

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