Monday, 8 July 2013

Picnic in Guildford

It was a hectic day yesterday ferrying people around, synagogue in the afternoon for the rededication of one of the scrolls which was very special and out to dinner in the evening. Sometimes it's important to stop and take a time out and this is what we did at lunchtime. Guildford has a castle (well the old keep is still standing) surrounded by beautiful gardens. We found a shady spot above the castle in the bee friendly part of the park. The place was full of flowers that bees would love and the views were fantastic. We bought some bits and pieces from the supermarket round the corner and spent the time munching and recharging our batteries.

Normally we go shopping in Guildford and don't take the time to find its hidden corners but yesterday was different and I'm so pleased we took the time to find this little corner.

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  1. Beautiful flowers, and you're right it's important sometimes to stop and really see the world around you.