Sunday, 23 September 2012

Busy day

Bob the Dog
It's been a busy day in our household today and there is still so much to do. Spent the morning organising the packaging for some of my Leah Makes products whilst catching up with friends. This afternoon was spent seeing my parents, which was fun, and eating a Bob the Dog cake which I bought from Waitrose on Friday for 49p! I'm always on the hunt for a bargain but this was crazy reduced from £9.99 to 49p as the best before date was Friday. We've had some every day and it still tastes delicious. I always think that the cake part of a supermarket bought cake normally tastes like cardboard but Bob tastes delicious and the icing is especially yummy. Now off to make the dough for the bread rolls for tomorrow's lunch. Hopefully it will rise well but it might take a bit longer as the house is quite cold at the moment. We're currently sitting under blankets to keep warm. Hope you've all had a lovely day and spent time with those that you love.  

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